Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Do you wear an apron?

I have become really tired of grease stains and wearing my house clothes to cook in - why should I have to change into a slob to cook or ruin clothes. I thought aprons were for really domestic divas, but I've come around to think that it's just plain common sense!

Jannylynn has cut me off from spending money on a fancy pants apron, but I think I really need one - I stumbled onto the kitchen madonna tonight & thought I would see what you thought.

Here's a picture of the kitchen madonna's work:

So do you wear an apron?

Where did you get it?

Is it a frilly one so you can feel pretty while you cook?

I think because I've cooked so long in my dumpy clothes (mmm doesn't that make you hungry?) that I want to be hot! No wait smokin' hot!

from tina...

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