Saturday, January 12, 2008

Tina's Pork Fritters

OK this is real sophisticated recipe...and the difficulty level is for all chefs!

Get a boneless pork loin - trim off excess fat - or since we are making a big ol' fried sandwich..then leave it on!

Now grab your meat tenderizer - be sure you make this recipe on a bad day. You are now receiving the cheapest and most effective therapy on the planet.

Be sure you use the textured side of your tenderizer and pound the H***LLL out of that meat!

Pound until 1/4 in. thick and be sure to beat both sides of the meat.

Now dredge through egg and milk wash.

Ohhh I forgot to tell you more therapy here! Get a sleeve of saltine crackers and place in a ziploc with the smooth side of your tenderizer..crush the crackers!

OK - now place your milky pork into the saltines and coat it good! If you're motivated, run it through the egg wash & coat again. However, if you're good, once is enough.

Sprinkle with season-all and place on parchment paper to flash freeze fritter. After flash freeze bag up!

In an 8lb pork loin roll, I got roughly 32 fritters, I sliced them 1/2 in thick to start with.

Get a big ol' bag of rolls from the bakery and put your fave sandwich fixings on it. Mayo, lettuce and tomato are excellent. I will eat it without bread and dip in ranch dressing.

This is a crowd pleaser, I've yet to have anyone say 'ewwww gross' or 'I don't like this...' So if you're in the mood to get rid of some table whinning try this recipe out.

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Billie Jean said...

Impressed with this recipe. I love cooking for my family and friends; and cook for a living. Always looking for new recipes to try. Thanks for having all these recipes on the web.
Billie Jean