Wednesday, September 5, 2007

LONG month & September Menu

Well - It has been a month since you've heard from any of the freezerchicks! Mainly, we are 4 busy moms & have had over the top family lives this month!

The beauty of it is that our freezer cooking has kept our families bellies full and our hair intact!

To update you on our planning meeting in August -

We were treated to a fabulous Chicken Pesto Stromboli by Jannylynn that was quickly renamed the Greek Goddess! The result was adding the Greek Goddess to Janny's Sept recipes! Also, Jen whipped up a perfect Greek Pasta salad with lots of black olives and kalamatta's! As if that wasn't a big enough treat - Jen opens up her freezer to reveal a tasty frozen desert of peanut butter, cream cheese & nutter butters! It was a very rich lunch that we all enjoyed immensely!

It was almost sad to start business! Yet, we created a great September menu!

Loaded Baked Potato Soup (to kick off the soup season!)
Spaghetti Pie (a Misti classic!)
Jerk Pork (*new*)

The Greek Goddess
White Trash Chicken (or Ziploc Chicken)
Sesame Chicken with Garlicky Broccoli (*new*)

New Orleans Flank Steak (*new*)
Fettucinni Carbonara
French Dip

Sauces (*new*)
Mexican Meatloaf
Crowd Pleasing Casserole

All the recipes marked (*new*) are well - new - but they come from Robin Miller's Quick Fix Meals Cookbook. I checked it out at the library and was really pleased by how Robin thinks about mealtimes and how to use prep time efficiently.

We meet next week to exchange and have another meal - which I think I'm cooking...ummm what will I make?


mistihollrah said...

Thanks Tina for posting this! I have failed on my secretarial job for this month! As well as my cooking duties! I will have Aug meals at Sept meeting and hopefully all of those meals as well!

Mrs. Pear said...

These sound so yummy!

Would it be possible to see the recipe for the Greek Goddess???