Saturday, July 14, 2007

Chicken Bruschetta

Reading this blog, you may think we have it all together. Let me take you into the kitchens and a little fun group history.

Starting out, you have to know that just like cooking at home, you will have recipes that are real 'stinkers'. As a group, we evaluate the meals and try to determine if it was the recipe, was it preparation - did the meal not need to be pre-cooked or cooked before freezing. At the end of the evaluation, we generally just say 'that was a stinker!'

And so it was with Chicken Bruschetta. J made this recipe almost a year ago and it got classified as a stinker. It was such a stinker that it got the label at my house as dogfood! If a recipe got labeled dogfood at our house, our second serving was cooked for our dog Lucy to eat. Larry, my DH, determined to never put that on the menu again!

We had another J join our group, who tried to convince us that is was really good recipe. After a couple of sessions of cooking with us, we let her put it on the menu. We discovered from J that you cannot pre-cook the meal. It is a meal that needs to be assembled and frozen with the meat uncooked.

Last night I thought I would pull the formerly notorious stinker meal from the freezer. I pulled it out and it smelled so good. I could smell the garlic coming through the foil. That is always a good sign. I did not tell Larry what it was until after he tried a few bites.

He declared it good. He called it really good! I announced it was Chicken Bruschetta - he stopped chewing and said 'no way'. Then he asked - who cooked it and made it better? Luckily, my DH is a great cook as well and will discuss food prep with me quite often.

I served this with zucchini fresh from my brother-in-laws' garden. The zucchini ws simply sauteed in butter with onions, season all, salt & pepper. Before I sat down to eat , what I thought was WOW what a great picture! It was nice to sit outside and eat a beautiful dinner.

from Tina's house


mistihollrah said...

Oh...I'm so glad that Larry liked the Chicken Bruschetta this time around.

Looks delish!

jannylynn said...

you know it does help if you follow the recipe. *which I did not do* LOL

I'm glad we can always give it a second try! Different cooks give it a different spin.

michellewaite1 said...

Your group is such a great idea! I suggested something like this to some friends, but I am interested is learning how your group works. Today my MIL brought a ton of beef from this steer in North Dakota to us, our freeze is full.

Household Executive said...

I really like the Chicken Bruschetta, but I have never done it freezer style. Glad it worked out this time.