Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tina's Extreme Menu Planning

I have a super busy month in August! Actually, my first two weeks of August are jam packed. In order, to ease my stress I have been busy planning like crazy today. I've calendared the family events, made a copy for hubby and made a menu plan. This took me about an hour and I was getting pretty fried at the end!

I found a great little tool that I thought I would share - Menu Planning Template

Tina's Menu (warning it's in Xcell)

Also, let's hope this works and you can actually SEE my menu and swipe what you'd like for yourselves. I need help with planning snacks - I really don't want to spend a lot of $$ on store bought snacks, so something simple would be great - leave a comment with your suggestions!

from Tina


April said...

rice krispy treats, fruit, home-made jello cups (those itty bitty rubbermade bowls are great!)

Nicki said...

I would go with april in saying fruit. It is in-season so shouldn't be as expensive as in winter.

Laane said...

A sandwich with the fruit of the season, divided in little parts.

Or with soft cheese, cooled.

Nikki said...

String cheese is a good snack in our home. It's not messy and doesn't require any utensils. Fruit is definitely good right now being in season. If you're okay with chips or graham sticks or animal crackers, you could buy the big bag and then put individual servings into little baggies or bowls.

In the summertime we make frozen yogurt pops. They're pretty healthy and a nice cool treat for hot days.