Monday, July 16, 2007

Janet's Menu Plan Monday ~07-16~

P7160001 WOW! I'm so blessed! Between Angel Food Ministries and Freezer Chicks, my freezer is stuffed so full I had to use two sheets to do an inventory. I sorted the freezer today. I have 3 freezers; 2 fridge/freezers & one small deep freeze. One of my struggles has been that I can NEVER find anything. I have tried organizing to make it easier but stuff still gets all mixed up and I can't remember what's in what freezer. So when I did the inventory, I color-coded it, so I know what freezer it is in. (ok so I'm uber-geeky LOL)

I have a goal for the rest of the month to NOT eat out and to try to just eat out of our panty or freezer. I think I can do this with just 15 days left to go.

Monday: Inside-out burgers & french fries

Tuesday: Sweet 'n Sour Chicken, Veggies, Rice

Wednesday: Mexican Meatloaf, Mashed potatoes, Salad

Thursday: Tuna Helper, peas, fruit

Friday: Sweet 'n Sour Kielbasa, rice, veggies

Saturday: Calzones, Salad

Sunday: Bruschetta Chicken, Salad, green beans

Visit for more information on menu plan Monday.

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mistihollrah said...

Great job organizing your freezer! I still need to do that tackle...maybe tomorrow? If I finish getting everything sorted for the garage sale!

Menu looks yummy!