Monday, July 16, 2007

Tuna Tortellini

WOW - an amazing dinner!

I have to confess I have been fighting the group on any dish that contains tuna - HOT tuna!

Oh and did I mention that I don't like hot tuna?

The results of this dish were fabulous! It froze really well (Ok it was only frozen for a week) and the flavor was perfect!

Heck, not only did I discover I like the hot tuna, but that I actually broiled something and it didn't burn!

The funny was I decided again that I wasn't going to inform the family it was a tuna dish. The kids came running in the kitchen and screaming 'what's for dinner?' I replied 'cheesy ravioli noodles' 'COOL!' So out they fly to the table outside - which we have been eating outside most of this summer - so if you haven't cleaned that table off to use, go for it!

I waited breathlessly for everyone to try it.

Cole DS10 - 'I love it - thumbs up!'
Rebekah DD9 - 'It's good, I don't really like the sauce and the meat, but I will eat it and I love the noodles!'
Quinten DS3 - 'Fumbs up mommy!'

As the meal progressed, the conversation turned to how Cole went fishing and they caught trout. He thought the trout was ok, but he likes salmon better. Rebekah declares loudly 'I hate fish!'

Larry immediately says 'Don't even say it' I look at him and say 'I wasn't going to, it's part of my new dinner program.'

I've decided my natives don't really have to know it all - they can eat what is on the table, since I started this program, they eat and they really don't ask what's in it. I always just offered the information - hello!!!! I am part of the problem again - ughhhh, so unless they ask for ingredients they aren't going to know!

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mistihollrah said...

All cooked & on the plate it looks yummy! Might have to move that up in my weekly dinner plan!