Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Just wanted to share with you how the Italian Mac n Cheese looks after baked! It is one of the yummiest meals that we have! The Italian sausage, the cheese, the tomatoes....you get the picture! You must try this recipe! It's one of those great comfort foods...this is one of my family's favorite meals! You don't need anything else to make this meal...I'm serving it with a salad & bread.



Household Executive said...

looks delicious. i may have to break the diet and fix it one night.

queenbusick said...

your sage dishes rock! can I get a set in purple? yeah right!

Short Stop said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and introducing me to yours! This is GREAT! I will definitely be back as I'm always looking for new freeze ahead recipes! THANKS, again!

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

That does look good. I entered the prize contest yesterday and promised that I'd be back with a great recipe.

The link for Chalupa Dinner Bowls is towards the bottom of this post. It's a GREAT crock pot meal, and it makes enough for at least 2 meals (3 for us, usually), and the leftovers freeze great.