Monday, July 16, 2007

Summer Cooking with Ziplock Chicken

I am really enjoying the fresh veggies from the garden-not my garden but from a friend's garden. And grilling...

This evening I grilled the Ziploc Chicken-basically it's a BBQ sauce & a bottle of beer, poured into a ziploc bag with the chicken legs. Thaw & grill or bake in oven or crockpot. My orginal plan was to cook it in the crockpot but with it being summer, I thought it would be much better on the grill! I served it with fresh from the garden potatoes, zucchini & onions and the cucumber, onion & tomato salad. We have acquired lots of cucumbers & I made cucumbers & onions

I sauteed the new potatoes in olive oil & added the zucchini & onions after the potatoes started to crisp up on one side. They were really yummy and went great with the chicken.

The awesome thing about the freezer meals is that you can cook healthy and without much preparation-no need to eat out! It has be a life saver for my family & our food budget!



Momma Jones said...

Is this recipe posted? I couldn't find it. How much BBQ sauce do you add? I have some chicken legs in the freezer and was looking for a way to use them. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

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